I’m with the band


brand strategy, visual identity, advertising, packaging and brand activation

When Vitaminwater came on the scene in 1998, it was a breakthrough concept and brand. Over the years it became lost among a tidal wave of fruit, tea and energy drink competitors. Hatch’s assignment was to give the once iconic brand new life.


Vitaminwater is (fun)ctional.

Design Principle

Embolden the band.

Hatch took Vitaminwater’s most recognizable visual cue—a simple color band and reimagined it as a disruptive, iconic, visual shorthand for the entire brand. It was an endless ribbon of fun.

Design Principle

High energy high impact.

Gritty, high-contrast black and white photography of athletes, musicians, high-energy personalities and just super cool regular people were shot in a way that gave a nod to the attributes of a particular flavor sku.

Design Principle

A flavor for every mood and moment.

One of Vitaminwater’s strengths is its variety. By creating hierarchy on its packaging, updating the type, and freshening up the brand’s color palette, Hatch was able to reconcile the brand’s need to be different while also remaining consistent.


Hatch brought visual clarity to Vitaminwater, creating distance from the marketplace chaos, and developed an energetic look in advertising that made it top of mind, and top of heart for consumers again.