tickled pink

JCPenney: Total Girl

Visual Identity, Logo and Packaging

JCPenney was relaunching its Total Girl clothing and accessories line targeted to tween girls. They came to Hatch to create an identity that had the presence of an established national brand with fresh, relevant looks for each season.


Total Girl is stylish, alluring and on trend.

Design Principle

Fun, relevant and modern.

Total Girl needed a complete refresh. Starting with the logo, Hatch created an iconic yet playful mark to embody the new brand.

Design Principle

It’s a girl’s world.

Hatch wanted to make sure the brand would exist in a girl’s world, using several shades of pink in the brand guidelines to convey playfulness, personality, style and energy.

Design Principle

The power of pre-adolescence.

The visual identity reflected the brand personality, showing off the latest clothing and accessories in fun, new ways while maintaining appropriateness for girls aged 10‑13.


Hatch created a design that spoke to tween girls across all channels for maximum effectiveness and relevance and that was scalable, and adaptable, regardless of medium.