Creativity In A Snap


Naming, Visual Identity, Logo, Tagline, Brand Guidelines, Packaging, Website and Advertising

Nik Software, a highly esteemed professional photography software company approached Hatch in hopes of providing similarly intelligent tools for consumers through a photo editing app for desktop and iOS.


Snapseed makes any photo extraordinary.

Design Principle

Get more out of your pictures.

Hatch developed the name Snapseed to champion the view that every photo can be the beginning of something beautiful; with a little tending it can grow into a greeting card, slideshow, poster, or more.

Design Principle

Represent the evolving creativity of users.

We created the Snapseed signature—a bold iconic logo that speaks to the progression of customers’ photography by allowing it to harness images. And a vis ID that guided Snapseed's UI.

Design Principle

Snap and share.

It’s more than just sharing the moment; it’s sharing the love. As part of a blooming community, Snapseed helps users unearth their creativity, then gives them the tools to share it.


Snapseed was named “App of the Year,” “Best Mobile Photo App,” as well as “iPad App of the Year.” And soon after was bought by Google.

Snapseed…first-class photo-editing software. Roy Furchgott, New York Times