Strategy, Visual Identity, Logo, Packaging, Point of Sale and Advertising

Smartwater had been growing their market share in the premium water category, but had yet to reach their full potential. Hatch was asked to help make the brand stand out in order to foster growth.


Smart because it’s made that way.

Design Principle

Energize shelf presence.

We refined the Smartwater visual identity by streamlining and modernizing the logo and drop mark, making the typography bolder, updating the color palette and re-envisioning the iconic cloud into a more dynamic visual.

Design Principle

Define “smart.”

To reinforce Smartwater’s superior vapor distillation process in a playful way, we illustrated an original cast of animal characters that are instinctually intelligent with a charming, whimsical quality to bring to life the brand’s central purpose.

Design Principle

Elevate the moment.

Hatch put purity and confidence at the center of the brand’s ecosystem. This created an immediate connection between the product and consumer on packaging, in advertising, at point of sale and in the field.


Within a year of Smartwater hitting the shelves and the streets with its refreshed visual identity, it succeeded Fiji Water as the number one consumer favorite brand in the premium water category.