Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Logo, Packaging, Point of Sale, Advertising, Environments, Digital and Brand Activation

Odwalla pioneered the healthy beverage category but was struggling to maintain its stronghold. They came to Hatch to reposition the brand across all consumer touch points from packaging, to point-of-sale, delivery trucks and field activation to advertising and digital.


Odwalla is goodness that grows on trees.

Design Principle

Be Odwalla.

Hatch strengthened the brand’s original themes and imagery through a handcrafted identity system that included vibrant fruit photography, while developing the quirky personality of the trademark bird and a brand voice that spoke from the heart.

Design Principle

Hello simplicity.

We defined a packaging hierarchy across drinks and bars, creating a color-coded easy-to-understand system of segmenting the brand’s varieties, while designing a platform that gave the brand some wiggle room to grow and innovate in other categories.

Design Principle

Fresh-picked opportunity.

Hatch reinforced the identity and brand voice through communications and brand actions. The holistic campaign, across traditional and digital media, harnessed the message that goodness grows on trees.


The strategy integrated the heart, art and business of their carefully crafted products to reignite the brand’s soul and sense of purpose.

We really wanted to create something eye-catching, easy to understand, that really communicates the benefits of the product and allows shoppers, distributors and retailers to concentrate on what really matters, such as Odwalla’s range of health benefits. Irma Shrivastava, Odwalla Vice President of Marketing