New Belgium

Visual Identity, Logo and Packaging

Everyone knows and loves New Belgium’s flagship beer, Fat Tire—enough so it led the brewery to number three in the craft beer category. However, beer-drinkers weren’t engaging with their 18 other varieties. Hatch created a portfolio-wide redesign to deliver a consistent visual experience with a growing, admirable audience.


Invite discovery by unifying the product line.

Design Principle

One big happy brand family.

Hatch elevated the portfolio by integrating New Belgium as a branded house. Our first task? Bring all the varieties together, breaking through the clutter by updating and isolating the mark. We then introduced bold typography, making the actual New Belgium name more prominent on the packaging.

Design Principle

Plays Well Together

We reimagined the original brand elements to create a consistent system across the portfolio that hung together on the shelves. This solved the unity issue, created a more iconic look, and invited discovery across all the individual beers.

Design Principle

Handcrafted and human.

The human touch has always been central to the soul of New Belgium; colorful handcrafted watercolors combined with charming whimsical names. Hatch celebrated and showcased this heritage in a fresh and unifying way.


The strategy perpetuated the craft of the brand and drove ownership of the category.

The new design reimagines New Belgium’s iconic and playful watercolor imagery from the past 22 years through a modern lens… brings the portfolio together in a fresh and contemporary way… While the new look is cleaner and more easily seen at a distance, the art is anything but cookie cutter in that every image starts as a photo and is repainted by hand. Josh Holmstrom, Strategic Marketing and Branding Director