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Krave Jerky

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Logo, Packaging, Point of Sale, Advertising, Website and Brand Activation

The jerky category had been stagnant and lacking innovative products and package design for decades.

Krave has taken jerky to new culinary heights and they challenged Hatch to brand their visual identity and products to communicate their artisanal approach to healthy snacking.


KRAVE is gourmet and exploding with personality.

Design Principle

Disrupt the category.

Hatch created an entirely new approach to jerky packaging, deviating from a sea of red and brown and taking cues from luxury brands and gourmet foods. The background pattern and graphics brought to life Krave’s bold personality across the classic and Whole Foods exclusive lines.

Design Principle

Differentiate on joy.

Krave doesn’t take itself too seriously—they’re a fun culture of wine enthusiasts and athletes. Hatch celebrated their zest for life and good ingredients by developing a personality-packed brand voice that put a spin on traditional category cues and was truly irresistible.

Design Principle

Shape the brand experience.

The full suite of marketing materials drew consumers and influencers in to a new taste experience. By changing perceptions of what jerky can be, the brand identity brought new consumers into the category and had existing consumers trying something different.


Krave is the disruptor brand, driving innovation with double-digit category growth for the first time in decades. Hatch continues to work with KRAVE across new product extensions and marketing. Jonathan Sebastiani, Founder & CEO, KRAVE