for the love of the game

Jaqk Cellars


JAQK Cellars was the entrepreneurial brainchild of Joel and Katie, Hatch’s founders who had the idea to intertwine the worlds of wine and play. Sitting at the table as clients, they directed the team at Hatch to create a lifestyle approach to wine branding that was virtually unheard of in the industry.


JAQK Cellars invites you to play a little.

Design Principle

Playtime never ends.

We named the company JAQK after the face cards and ace in a deck and each wine name a fascination from the world of gaming. The fun continued as unique stories and gaming quotes established the voice of the brand.

Design Principle

Standing out in a crowd.

Hatch gave the gambling-themed bottles a distinctive look with tumbling dice, suits of cards, points from a roulette wheel and even an embedded poker chip.

Design Principle

Connecting the dots.

Shippers, gift boxes, apparel, posters, the website, and of course a deck of playing cards rounded out the experience. Branding also encompassed uncorking the full house of eight varietals to an adoring public at events, tastings, restaurants, bars and retailers across the country.


We created a totally different brand experience, driving sales from 4,800 cases for the initial release to more than 11,000 cases at its third while gaining distribution in 32 states and 8 countries.

In my eighteen years in the wine industry, I have never come across such a package as complete as JAQK Cellars. Leon Cikota, VP Republic National Distributing