The Eyes. The Ears. The Experience.


Visual Identity, Logo, Packaging, Advertising, Collateral

Dolby is synonymous with sophisticated sound technologies for cinemas and home theaters. As the company launched Dolby Atmos, their latest sound technology, and Dolby Vision, their latest innovation and first foray into imaging technology, they turned to Hatch for a creative system that integrated both brands together and paved the way for future launches.


Dolby is an immersive audio and visual experience like no other.

Design Principle

Dolby Atmos: An entire world of sound.

Hatch brought to life the Dolby Atmos technology and created a recognizable brand iconography through a system of spheres representing the physics of sound waves; one for each line of business, 1. Home, 2. Mobile, 3. Rave, 4. Cinema

Design Principle

Dolby Cinema: A sight and sound experience like never before.

For the launch of their premium, large-format theater experience, we created a visual system to demonstrate the special design elements, like Dolby’s high dynamic range (HDR).

Design Principle

Dolby Vision: What the eye can see.

Hatch created a language for this new innovation in contrast capabilities using a color wheel to represent the full spectrum of color the eye can actually see while incorporating an accent highlight to represent the technology’s intense brightness.


While the individual Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision identities work on their own, together they are part of an integrated brand ecosystem that everyone loves as it supports the experience of feeling like you are inside the action.