January 7, 2015

Book Club: Firms of Endearment

The Hatch book club is on. What we’re reading… Firms of Endearment. We’ve been fortunate to work with many purpose-driven companies—how is that defined in today’s age of transcendence? At the core, it’s a characteristic that FoE’s possess: a humanistic soul.

The authors endorse the idea that emotions play a more significant role in business today with a growing number of companies striving for share of heart. FoE’s endear themselves to their stakeholders—customers, employees, partners, investors, society—through the power of love. In other words, by living their core values through their policies, operations and experiences, FoE’s create cultures of affection. They delight their customers. They exceed expectations. They keep them coming back. “How they feel usually has more binding power than how they think. Customer loyalty is like love: It grows not from reason but from the heart.”