March 15, 2016

What color are your memories?

Vinegar wafted through the air, your eyes glued as each color tablet hit the water in the mismatched coffee cups—mesmerizing you with every swirly, twisty turn. A flurry of excitement overtook as you imagined the possibilities—plopping your bright white egg into the unknown. And then again. And again. Until the copper bendy wire dipper was lifted to reveal perfection.

Only your parents and the Easter Bunny witnessed the glory of your carefully dunked masterpieces—until now. The Ninth Annual Hatch Egg Decorating Contest is here. It’s time to share your watercolor memories and talents with the world.

Visit (update: contest has ended) for details on how to win the coveted prize: a genuine 1st place egg cup trophy.

But hop to it, entries are only accepted until March 27.