Smashmallow Branding and Packaging Design | Hatch Design | San Francisco | Branding and Design Agency

November 14, 2016

Smashmallow. Take a Snack Adventure.

When Jon Sebastiani, founder of Krave Jerky, and now, Sonoma Brands, saw opportunity to invigorate the confectionery category, he turned to marshmallows designed for everyday snacking. For decades, the jet marshmallow has been relegated just to baking and fireside s’mores. But what happens when you explore flavor?

Hatch took Jon’s idea, named it Smashmallow, and created seven worlds for each flavor to delight the senses. We transport you through a flavor adventure that evokes emotion and drives trial—on pack and online. These whipped to perfection #noordinarymarshmallow indulgences are a #snackapade that bring you joy.

Read the Smashmallow case study.