Hatch redesigns MET-Rx packaging

June 20, 2016

MET-Rx is Redesigned for Athletes

When MET-Rx came to Hatch, they were known for their high protein shakes and bars for body builders. That positioning, however, wasn’t in tune with changes in fitness culture and neglected the athlete-in-training and elite athlete. Hatch worked with the MET-Rx team to move away from a muscle maximizer brand to a fitness fuelers brand, and ultimately redefined what performance meant to MET-Rx.

“We want to attract the next generation of athletes,” said Kat Karpati, Hatch director of client services. “These are people who are driven by success, for the glory in the eyes of their peers, parents, selves and the crowd. They know that food is critical to fuel their performance.”

We redesigned the visual identity and packaging to reflect the energy of ‘personal power’—to train, to perform, to compete and achieve victories—while amplifying taste through delicious ingredient cues.