Account Supervisor


The Account Supervisor is the key liaison between the agency and the client and the communicator between all parties ensuring projects run smoothly. You are at the heart of the team’s drive to produce great work. You lead the day to day ensuring that all projects and all scope is completed to the highest standards. You have the tricky role of having the play the day to day and the “heavy” both with clients and creatives, having to sometimes deliver news that neither party wants to hear with grace and are always moving with the brand’s best interest at heart. You work across multiple projects and can transition on dime. You also manage the Assistant Account Manager and Intern to help them grow and utilize them to help meet project goals. This role reports into the Account Director.

You are responsible for:


–    Managing and supervising the Assistant Account Manager and Intern(s) on key projects and all internal account maintenance including billing, budget tracking, and overall account functionality—ensuring there’s a consistent level of excellence and timeliness—hitting all key meetings.

–    Managing up to the Account Director and Executive Director on key projects, highlighting red flag issues that need to be elevated in a timely manner both on key projects as well as with the work flow internally that could be optimized. It is expected that you can work and run a project independently but can manage up efficiently.


–    Demonstrating an acute knowledge of the client’s business: understanding the client’s industry, products, and objectives inside an out.

  • You know the client and the project better than anyone else at the agency. You are the voice of the client internally. This process starts with you developing a draft of the creative brief that includes all the deliverables and mandatories from a business sense. Then working closely with the AD/Strategist/Executive Director, to bring category and target insights to life in a way that colors the brief, giving it a point-of-view and direction for the creative team to develop work.
  • You are the owner of the scope. What did we promise to deliver in each phase? You ensure we’re hitting those deliverables and if we’re over delivering you alert the AD/ED to put together appropriate costs and help manage scope creep.
  • Proactively share recent trends and industry events with the team and clients, as well as providing an informed hypotheses on the impact on their business/competition.

–    Proactively understanding what the client’s annual planning process looks like and be a hound for incremental business opportunities.


–    Establishing and fostering rock strong relationships with the clients. You are the clients go to within the agency. They should feel 100% confident in your ability to handle their day to day needs and any project/billing concerns they have.

–    You help champion the idea and the creative with the client on a day to day basis. They should trust you to be objective and to provide a credible opinion—not just a nice person to work with.

–    You can proactively anticipate client needs/concerns from your close relationship and bring those insights to the team.

–    Developing a relationship with the clients past just the project we’re working on at the moment, understand what else they want for their brands and what they feel like is missing from their overall offering.


–    You are the voice of the project for the client. Working closely with the Account Director/Executive Director, Creative Director and strategists as applicable, you draft the creative brief for the team and eventually draft the strategic set up for presentations from positioning to creative insights. You need to understand the story we’re telling and why it’s important to help keep projects on brand.

–    You strongly manage any research associated with the project and help the team understand the key learnings.

–    During the creative process, you help ensure that the work delivers on the brief and is within scope.

–    On some projects, you are the main voice for the client so presentation skills are a must. Think about presenting written or verbal information in a confident, convincing, clear manner.


–    It’s not enough to just check the boxes of the scope, we need to be delivering exceptional break through work at every turn. You help find the balance of getting things done and making sure they’re done well.

–    Writing clear, concise, and inspiring creative briefs –with the help of the AD/ED/Strategist

  • Briefing the Creative Team to ensure they understand the project, are enthused, and have a clear sense of the objectives, scope, timing, and mandatories as well as client feedback throughout the development process.
  • Start to be able to identify ideas that are strategically and tonally right for the client and which ones are not.


–    Master the process. You are the driver of the process from the client kick off meeting to the final deliverables including any production liaison needed. You are expected to not only know exactly how the process works, but to find ways to constantly make it work for you. This includes managing timelines, scheduling the internal reviews with teams and making sure the team sticks to meeting times. You also should have an eye on where timing can be tightened/needs to be extended as additional requests/deadlines come up. Creative problem-solving skills are a must.

–    Manage a wide range of competing priorities while ensuring the team meets all deadlines.

–    Optimizing. If the process isn’t working, elevate it and suggest ways on how to solve it.


–    You are the king/queen of the scope once the project has been approved. You ensure we deliver what we’ve set out to and manage scope creep. As additional requests come up you help draft change orders and work with the AD/ED to put pricing and timing together.


–    You are responsible for making sure your projects are billed in a timely manner.  You participate in the weekly billing meetings with Finance Manager and make sure that all change orders and projects adjustments are accurately accounted for.


  • Showing us that you:
    • Are proactive on all fronts
    • Are organized and detail-oriented
    • Are efficient with your time and able to prioritize
    • Are buttoned up and committed to flawless execution
    • Are poised, articulate, dynamic and convincing in writing and in presentations
    • Are able to think multiple steps ahead and to trouble shoot complex issues
    • Are an effective collaborator and decision maker
    • Are a champion of culture and positivity at Hatch

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