April 6, 2017

Here’s To Ten Egg-Cellent Years

Ah, the glorious egg. Superfood extraordinaire. Cherished hero of the egg-hunt. Object of freshmen nightmares. The egg represents possibility and the hatching of new ideas. Hatch began with a yolk of a vision. Ten years later, we’ve crafted a lot of delicious omelettes.

So, we’d like to see your ideas. The Tenth Annual Hatch Egg Decorating Contest is here! Send us your designed egg in all its glory. Whether painted, covered in glitter or wearing a feather boa, we want to see what you’ve been incubating.

Visit hatchsf.com/eggcontest for details (update: contest has ended). All will be displayed but only one will win the coveted prize: a 1st place egg cup trophy. So get cracking, entries are only accepted until April 16.